There are a ton of fitness routines out there that promise fast results with little effort. Well, I've decided to examine those physical challenges and test out how well they actually work. I'm not a fitness guru or nutritionist. I'm just a normal person with bad habits and low motivation, but I'm looking to turn that around. So, let's take a physical examination of how well some of these fitness routines actually work.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

10 Day Beach Body Challenge: End Results

The 10 Day Beach Body Challenge has come to an end.  As I mentioned in my progression report, I had kind of slacked off while doing this challenge.  There were some days when I didn't do the exercises, but then the next day I would do two days worth of stuff.  Or instead of running I would do the other activities twice through.  Or I would run extra just because it seemed like I wasn't really doing that much.  No matter what, I don't really feel very much different and I haven't noticed any drastic changes to my body that would qualify it as being more of a "beach body" than what it was before the challenge.

Ending Stats:
  • Weight: 173 lbs (loss of 1.3 lbs)
  • Bust: 42 1/2"
  • Waist: 40"
  • Hips: 43"
For this challenge I recruited my sister, Jessica, and my best friend, Sara, to try out the challenge with me.  It seemed as though we all had the same ideas about substitute running for a double dose of the other activities, and so on.  I wanted to include other people in these challenges because not everyone is the same and I wanted to see what the results would be for people with different lifestyles.  I actually have a lifestyle with very low activity.  I'm a designer and I sit at a computer for 10+ hours every day.  Most of my after work activities are all things that can be done sitting down, so unless I make a point to get up and exercise, I'm pretty much sitting on my bum all day!

My sister, Jessica, has a one-year-old little boy.  That right there makes her more active than me, but because of this she did have trouble fitting a workout into her daily schedule.  Due to bad weather and not being able to make it to the gym, she often skipped the running portion of the routine and doubled up the other activities for the dayShe also told me that at first she thought the routine was too easy so she doubled the activity.  However, this made her really sore the next day and she ended up doing less overall because she was so sore.

Sara has a job that keeps her on her feet all day.  Unlike me, her after work activities actually get her up and moving.  Sara reported back to me two major things.  First, she lost about two pounds during the ten day challenge.  Secondly, although she didn't like the running portion of the routine, it had caused her to cut back on smoking!  I think she and I might start training to run marathons if that's what it is going to take to keep my BFF from smoking!  (Just kidding, Sara...or am I...?)  She also said that this routine fit in easily into her daily routine and would probably be a good warm-up, but she would need more to actually see a big difference.  She also said, "This was a great starter workout program for someone like me who hasn't worked out in a long time to get ya back in the swing of things. I'm motivated to pick up the pace now and really get in shape."  I think that is a really awesome thing for someone to say about any workout routine.  It is always so much easier to work out and get healthy when you have friends and family by your side to help you out and motivate you along the way!

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