There are a ton of fitness routines out there that promise fast results with little effort. Well, I've decided to examine those physical challenges and test out how well they actually work. I'm not a fitness guru or nutritionist. I'm just a normal person with bad habits and low motivation, but I'm looking to turn that around. So, let's take a physical examination of how well some of these fitness routines actually work.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mandatory Monday Move: Squats with Weights

Let's add a little weight to the routine today and try out some squats with weights.  It doesn't have to be much, just a little to give you that something extra.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mandatory Monday Move: Squats

Time to work your tooshie off.  Add some squats into your routine today just got give that butt a boost!  Try some with a wide stance and try some with your feet close together.  Just try's mandatory!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Popsugar 30-Minute Shape-Up Session: Progression

I had originally said I was only going to do the Popsugar30-Minute Shape-Up Session for a week, but now I’m starting to think that isn’t actually a long enough time to fully assess a workout routine.  I’m going to extend this challenge out another week.
As for this week’s progression, I think I’m doing well.  This workout really makes you work!  I was able to complete the workout on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  I have school after work on Wednesday so I’ve designated that to be my rest day.  Friday I went bowling, Saturday I had a Zumba class, and Sunday I played in a softball game.  So, I didn’t do the routine all week long, but I did fit some exercise or physical activity into nearly each day.  Now that the sore muscles have recovered from week one, let's see how this routine shapes up in week two.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mandatory Monday Move: Leg Lifts

It's time to start the week off right and do the Mandatory Monday Move: leg lifts.  Do some fast, and then do some slow.  Really feel it!

Popsugar 30-Minute Shape-Up Session: Start Up

All-Over Workout  POP Sugar Fitness:  

Today I am going to start the Popsugar 30-Minute Shape-Up Session.  This routine doesn't have a timeline as to when you are supposed to end and look fabulous so I'm going to try to do it every day for a week.  

I really like how this routine doesn't tell you to do a quantity of moves, but tells you to do as many as you can within a minute time frame.  I'm always losing count when trying to do a lot of repetitions, especially when working out with a partner.  Chatting eventually happens and then you're both standing there like "Did we just do twenty squats or a thousand?"  Anyway, you can follow this link to the original website where they explain the moves in more depth.  Also, get a nice training timer on your phone to keep track of your time instead of counting the seconds in your head.  I like the HIIT Interval Training Timer.

Ending Stats:
  • Weight: 173.8 lbs
  • Bust: 42 1/2"
  • Waist: 40"
  • Hips: 43"